About MG

MG is a Brazilian company founded in 1989 that soon became one of the main karting tires manufacturer in the world.

Its founder, Antonio Francesco Ventre, an Italian immigrant, came to Brazil in 1945 looking for a promising future. Enthusiastic about automobilism, he has transmitted this passion to his sons, who have been in charge of the company for over 20 years.


MG develops its products with the needs of all drivers in mind, from beginners to the most experienced, always focusing on quality and high performance.


Nowadays, MG tires can be found globally, in more than 40 countries, with its products being used in some of the most well-known championships of the world.


MG has been investing in equipment and research and development of tires for competition and leisure karting for over 25 years. MG has now established the highest quality levels, scoring multiple victories, and reaching excellent levels of performance and cost/benefit ratio in the countries where it is present.


MG tires has been compliant with the CIK-FIA homologation regulations since 1992, rising our products to international quality level. Since our first homologation procedure we have supplied tires to Pan-American and South-American Championships, organized by CIK-FIA.


In addition to our product lines, we manufacture special models to specific competitions around the world, such as SKUSA tires for Superkarts Championships, Easykart tires for Easykart South America, and Komet tires used in IAME X30 Championships.





To develop high-quality performance products to promote great experiences that stimulate the passion for Kart.