In addition to leading the Brazilian market, MG exports most of its production reaching highly competitive and demanding markets around the world. In traditional kart tracks, ovals or dirt tracks, MG leaves its mark of quality both in the leisure market and in high performance competitions.


This global presence is the result of technological high-level partnerships, constant investment in research, product development, and synchrony with the peculiarities of the various karting markets. In addition to the product line, MG also develops tires with special features to meet different segments.


Environment Friendly 


MG tires uses products with low level of PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) as raw material. 

PAHs are substances formed during the incomplete combustion of organic materials and can be found in several industrial processes, among them, the production of tires. The emission of these pollutants on a large scale has carcinogenic potential and since the Stockholm Convention, several actions have been suggested and taken to minimize this pollution. 


MG is compliant with these resolutions since 2009 and as from 2011 they became mandatory through a CIK-FIA determination, applicable to tires homologated for usage on CIK-FIA championships.

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