Legal Terms

All data and information in this catalog are only suggestions for the best use of our products.

MG Indústria e Comércio S/A is not responsible for any consequences due to mishandling and/or misuse in inappropriate environments of the products presented herein.

Our tires are designed exclusively for use in karting racing. We recommend that the tires be stored inside closed packages, well protected from light, humidity, and high temperatures, away from chemical products. We also recommend them to be mounted according to the instructions in our catalog or our website and in compatible vehicles in conformity with the suggested air pressure. The technical specifications of every product listed in this catalog come from laboratory tests under optimal serviceable conditions. They are, therefore, subject to changes or alterations such as: improper shipment and/or storage, technical track and/or ground conditions, weather, improper tire mounting and/or air pressure contrary to the instructions in our catalog or website, inappropriate driving and/or maneuvers, vehicles collision and / or abnormal outline, use in conditions that exceed the recommended limits, and other unexpected events.

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